Standard Aluminium Rigger

Standard aluminium riggers were the very first Filippi riggers. Suitable for all rowing requirements, their classic three (scull) or four (sweep) tubular configuration is stabilized by an additional tubular element – the backstay – hinged above the oarlock to prevent torsion. The truss-like structure of the riggers ensures exceptional mechanical strength. This, along with top quality materials used, means practically timeless duration in terms of mechanical performance and stiffness. Rents or impact damage can be repaired at reasonable cost, a key consideration for rowing clubs where shell investments are a major expenditure item. Oarlock regulation is fairly simple thanks to the end slots on the riggers and the drill holes to connect them to the gunwale. Lateral, or outward, pin pitch is adjusted by accurate positioning of shims or washers. This versatile feature means that the rigger can be used for several different rowers without need to carry out lengthy regulating procedures.

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