Training Boats

Filippi Training Boats are the ideal choice for putting in the hard graft outside of competition that’s necessary to achieve the best results possible when competition comes round.

They come in a variety of sizes to suit different rowing disciplines, and all feature the excellence that Filippi is renowned for worldwide.

Browse the full range here, or contact us for any further details required.

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Length: 6.5m

Width: 27.5cm

Boat weight: 15Kg

Rower Weight: 50/50Kg

Length: 7.2m

Width: 27.5cm

Boat weight: 18Kg

Rower Weight: 70/70Kg

Length: 8.1m

Width: 29.6cm

Boat weight: 20Kg

Rower Weight: 70/90Kg

Length: 9.9m

Width: 37.3cm

Boat weight: 36Kg

Rower Weight: 70/95Kg

Length: 8m

Width: 75cm

Boat weight: 40Kg

Rower Weight: 90Kg

Length: 7m

Width: 70cm

Boat weight: 35Kg

Rower Weight: 50/90Kg