F82 4X Coastal Rowing Boat


Length: 10.25m

Width: 130cm

Boat weight: NA -Kg

Rower Weight: 60/100Kg

The boat of choice for sea lovers. A true jewel conceived thanks to outstanding engineering project and made with high-tech materials such as carbon fibre and titanium. The rowers rowing Filippi Coastal boats have not to change their way of rowing but they can discharge all their power into the sea as on an Olympic rowing boat and furthermore, because of this, all the rigger parameters such as height, span and oarlock to the bow can be set in order to have perfect ergonomics. Also, the coxswain can optimise the structure of the hull to the sea conditions by moving his seat and then the centre of gravity of the whole boat, staying comfortably sitting on a seat made of carbon and glass fibres he can raise and lower the rudder blade and turn simply by pushing his feet

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